Carat Weight

Diamond Bracelets can vary greatly, from a gold bangle bracelet adorned with a .25 carat diamond solitaire to a 10 carat diamond tennis bracelet. 


A diamond bracelet's carat weight (in diamonds) directly correlates to it's value.


Below are diamond bracelet carat weight ranges:

.25 to .49 CT Diamond Bracelet

Very small carat diamond bracelets are typically gold bangle bracelets with a single diamond solitaire

.5 to .99 CT Diamond Bracelet

Diamond bracelets in this carat range may contain sequences of diamonds

1 to 2 CT Diamond Bracelet


This carat range is the most common for diamond tennis bracelets

2 to 5 CT Diamond Bracelet

Larger size diamond tennis bracelets

5 CT and greater Diamond Bracelet

Vintage and Antique diamond bracelets often fall into this category

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