How To Value Your Diamond Bracelet

So the big question, "how much is my diamond bracelet worth"?  To answer that question we have a few variables in play which are outlined below:

1.  Number of diamonds in diamond bracelet

2.  The size of the diamonds in the diamond bracelet

3.  The quality of the diamonds in the diamond bracelet

4.  The metal used to create the diamond bracelet

5.  The weight of the metal in the diamond bracelet

These are not easy questions to answer for diamond bracelet owners.  In fact, unless one has gemological training, almost impossible.

That being said, diamond bracelets typically have an exact carat weight in physical diamond weight as a basic measure even no diamonds are of the exact same quality, and hence, values can greatly vary depending upon the quality of the diamonds.  Typical diamond tennis bracelet physical diamond carat weights are between 1 carat and 10 carats. has done a lot of research on the value of diamond bracelets and we will give approximate value ranges based upon common types of diamond tennis bracelets, or diamond line bracelets.  Diamond tennis bracelets are by far the most common diamond bracelet.

While there are digital jewelry exchanges starting to flourish on the Internet, no site online compares to eBay in the volume of diamond bracelets sold online.  Therefore, we will primarily use eBay to give approximate values to various size and ornated diamond tennis bracelets.

For our purposes we will also only value "natural" diamond bracelets, and not lab created diamond bracelets, because lab created diamond tennis bracelets do not hold much resale value.

It's also important to note that antique diamond tennis bracelets can attract a higher valuation based upon collectibility.


​Example: 1 ct Diamond Tennis Bracelet Valuation Range in 14K Gold

New = $599 to $1299

Used = $299 to $799

Example: 3 ct Diamond Tennis Bracelet Valuation Range in 18K Gold

New = $2,499 to $19,999

Used = $1,650 to $12,500

Example: 6 ct Diamond Tennis Bracelet Valuation Range in 18K Gold

New = $5,000 to $50,000

Used = $3,800 to $25,000